Sursum Corda: Documents and Readings on the Traditional Latin Mass

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Sursum Corda
Sursum Corda
Documents and Readings on the Traditional Latin Mass

Sursum Corda:
Documents and Readings on the Traditional Latin Mass

From the Council of Trent to Benedict XVI's Motu Proprio

A new generation of Catholics is discovering the beauty, reverence, appropriateness, and efficacy of the Tridentine Mass. The Traditional Latin Mass, as the saying goes, is "the Mass the martyrs died for." It is also the Mass the faithful lived for and which gave life to them and to the Church itself. This small volume is designed
to humbly guide you in an appreciation of the Traditional Latin Mass' beauties, coherence, logic, aesthetics, glories, and graces.

Featuring the works of:

  • The Council of Trent
  • Pope St. Pius V
  • Pope St. Pius X
  • Pope Pius XI
  • Pope Pius XII
  • Bl. Pope John XXIII
  • Pope Paul VI
  • Pope John Paul II
  • Pope Benedict XVI
  • St. Charles Borromeo
  • Fr. Adrian Fortescue
  • John Henry Cardinal Newman
  • Alfons Cardinal Stickler
  • Dom Fernand Cabrol
  • Michael Davies
  • Fr. Uwe Michael Lang
  • Bishop Athanasius Schneider
  • Fr. John Zuhlsdorf
  • Micheal S. Rose

                    . . . and more.
440 pages.
Trade Paperback.
6" x 9" Trim Size.
List price: $14.95.

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"belongs in the library of any Catholic person or organization devoted to the Traditional Latin Mass. . . . If the priest who says that form in your parish or chapel doesn't already have a copy, it would make a most appropriate gift."
                                                                    --Una Voce America Nota

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