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The rosary is defined as a vocal and mental prayer. The vocal part is the saying of the rosary; the mental is the thinking of the mystery.


In 1460 Our Lady appeared to Blessed Alan DeLa Roche and told him to re-establish the rosary. Our Lord appeared to him the Sacred Host and told him to preach His mothers rosary. Before now the rosary was known as Our Lady's Psalter or Angelic Salutation. It wasnt until Blessed Alan came along that this prayer took the name rosary. These angelic salutations were called crown of roses. Rosarium is Latin for crown of roses and People started calling this prayer the Rosary. Beads in early English are spelled bede and means prayer. So, we have the rosary beads today meaning the crown of roses prayer.


The last part of the Hail Mary was developed by the church at the Council of Ephesus in 430 A.D., to combat the Nestorian Heresy that was spreading about the Motherhood of Mary, as the Mother of God.


In the 14th century the Apostles Creed was added to the rosary as well as the crucifix. In the 18th century St. Louis DeMonfort started the Glory Be to the Fathers, etc. St. Bernard added the Hail-Holy Queen to the end of the rosary. Our Lady requested we say "Oh My Jesus forgive us our sins and save us from the fires of hell," during her apparition at Fatima in 1917.


Our destiny and the destiny of the world is in our hands and what better place to be with those hands firmly holding the rosary.

Photos of the Parish Rosary Rally--Sunday, October 3, 2004
(Click on Each Photo to Enlarge)

Father Jeffrey L'Arche & Altar Servers
Father Jeffrey L'Arche & Altar Servers Pray the Rosary

Father L'Arche Begins Rosary Rally Procession
Father Jeffrey L'Arche Begins Rosary Rally Procession


Free Rosary Repair Service:
Send your broken rosaries in a padded envelope to:

Betty & Dick Holden
7 Crane Place
Simsbury, CT, 06070.

They have lots of parts, and your rosaries will be repaired and returned to you within the week of receipt. Donations of old rosaries are also accepted. They will be repaired and sent on to the missions. Include a note indicating "repair and return to me" or "this is a donation."

Phone: 860-658-6330.