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Contacts, Schedules
Parish of St. Peter & St. Paul

Father McNerney Celebrating Mass at St. Peter's

Personnel and Mass Schedules
Personnel and Mass Schedules
St. Peter's Church
2310 5th Avenue
(Hutton Street & 5th Avenue) 
Troy, New York
Father James McNerney, D.Min., Pastor 518-274-4083 (JRMc1134@aol.com)
  • Sr. Florence Joseph Flaherty, DC. Parish Visitor
  • Rosanne Milo, Administrative Assistant @ St. Paul's 518-274-4083
  • Denise Mahoney, Administrative Asst. @ St. Peter's 518-272-2750 (Churchdenise@aol.com)
  • Michael OConnell, Cemetery Superintendent, 518-272-2750
  • Winifred Blanchard, Organist, 518-272-0451
  • Pat Sager, Organist, 518-899-4312


Saturday:  4:00PM @ St. Paul's
Sunday: 9:00AM @ St. Paul's 10:30 AM @ St. Peter's

  • 12:00 PM @ St. Peter's (Traditional Latin Mass)
  • 12:30 PM @ on the First Sunday of the month (Traditional Latin Mass)


8:00 AM @ St. Paul's (Adoration Chapel)
12:10 PM @ St. Peter's (Rectory)

FIRST FRIDAY MASSES: 8:00 AM @ St. Peter's (Traditional Latin Mass)

HOLY DAY SCHEDULE: As announced in the bulletin.

CONFESSIONS: Before Mass. Any time upon request.

MARRIAGE: Engaged couples should contact the Pastor six months before proposed date.

BAPTISM: Parents should call the Pastor to make arrangements.

CEMETERY OFFICE: @ St. Peter's 518-272-2750
FAX: St. Paul's 518-274-4289; St. Peter's 518-272-2751

HOLY HOUR AND NOVENA TO ST. MONICA: @ St. Paul's, Tuesday Evenings, 7 PM

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The Good Shepherd

"To all those Catholic faithful who feel attached to some previous liturgical and disciplinary forms of the Latin tradition, I wish to manifest my will to facilitate their ecclesial communion by means of the necessary measures to guarantee respect for their rightful aspirations. In this matter I ask support of the Bishops and of all those engaged in the pastoral ministry in the Church."

--John Paul II